Danerich's Foals

Danerich's first foals have caught everybody's eye, they have good bone and confirmation with

a lot of strength and substance.

The Danehill factor is obvious as all his foals are bay except a handful which are bay/browns.

Danerich served 123 mares in his first season and approx 96 is his second season and proved to be highly fertile.

Danerich-Street Princess 09

Danerich - Rip Trice

A half sister to The Annihilator who was stakes placed as a two year old

  Danerich-Diamond Gypsy-08                              Danerich-Filante's Revenge-08

   Danerich-Windsor Rebel-08                                     Danerich-Lady Elsie-08

                                                                                                                       Out of the stakes winning and Group one placed mare Lady Elsie                                     

   Danerich-Trice Moss-08                                    Danerich-Deadwood Stage-08


"Where the future starts "....